Wednesday, September 28, 2011

it's just.......

it's been a week since that incidence happen
each and every time i remember it
only god knows what and how do i feel

that particular incidence was nasty
it was horrible
and i feel so sad
so tense
and on top of it
i feel guilty

when one of the lecturer said that you wouldn't know how much guilt that can be felt by developing pain to patients
i guess i know how does it feel
i suppose how it should be felt
it was horror
yet it is still

it is so tense when you feel so sad
but you do not have any solution to resolve it
and it end up with you keep things like nothing had happen
but deep inside
it wasn't okay at all
and what you can do are
pray- the priority
and smile like whole lot
just to soothe yourselves

o Allah
give me strength
give me patience
in facing these difficulties

it's not easy to deal with homo sapiens

we need a break!

someone who will understand is one that having their own problem
and someone that willing to help is one that don't understand things
it does sound bias or whatever
but somehow
it is true

full stop!

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