Saturday, May 22, 2010

belief or truth???

it was not long ago
i studied and took PMR at smkaks
which then
i studied and sat for SPM at integomb
which then brought me here, usim

during my fourth and fifth former
i believed that i kind of dislike biology- with a few exception
and also believed that am not going to discover more on biology
in fact i believed that biology and i are not meant for each other

when i first entered tamhidi pergigian usim
still am disliking biology
but after sometimes
i learn how to like something that i used to disliked
but the like component is not that much
not enough to make me feels like taking another deep part of biology- as what i believed

when a friend of mine said that i will enter faculty of dentistry
there were combination of feelings
but then when i got the offer letter
it was like am i dreaming??

i never ever, not even once thought that i will learn to become a dentist
but it's okay with me
just go with the flow i guess
but never know that a dental student must
carve waxes
make out dentures etc

hardship and pain i have to endure
but to be honest
dejection sometimes do conquer my heart
having myself emotionally unstable is pain
but unable to help my friends whom are in pain is doubling my pain

going to third year in next semester, is the truth
and i believe that upcoming semesters will be better- with Allah's willing

may all 27 of us will be graduating on the same time

Saturday, May 15, 2010

put the blame on who?

recently i read lots of writes on how bad treated medical doctors are in government hospitals
i also read on how dissatisfied people in our country on polices

when hospital staffs being rude to doctors
there must be some reasons for that
the doctors need to accept their mistakes
and the staffs should give advices

when citizen dissatisfy polices
there must be some reasons for that
the polices should to listen the critics
and people out there should be thankful of their existence

we need each others
that is the concept

doctors keep on complaining they are bad treated
citizens always dissatisfy polices

hospital staffs quit
polices just stay at home watching tv etc

nobody helping doctors
nobody protecting us

stop blaming others
reflect ourselves
things always happen for reasons

put the blame on ourselves
that would be better :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i want to let it go...please!!!

i know i can't change the past
that is the reason for me to let it go
i've tried to endure it
but i can't
i've tried so many times
yet it's too hard
it's already 4 years
yet the memories are still fresh
as if it happen few moments ago

please, help me to let it go

Monday, May 10, 2010

telling others lies....mmmmm

everybody lies..
that's what dr. house said

telling others lies are for some reasons

sometimes you do not want people that you love and care to hurt
so, you telling them lies
but the fact is
it is double or triple hurt when the real thing is revealed

the pain of telling lies is not only the listener feels
the one who tell the lies also hurt
it's like denying yourself from what you really feels
and somewhat it is disturbing your life

i'm not a perfect person
i do sometimes tell lies
by just hoping that
the lies is better for both of us

sometimes it's really hard to face reality

Sunday, May 9, 2010



siap juga denture....
ok x ok, itu yg terbaik...

reflection clinical attachment pun dah hantar...

at last...
home sweet home...


hati ini, Dia saja yg mengerti

permudahkan ya Allah


happy mother's day to all mothers out there :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

a week in kedah

tiba di alor setar pagi sabtu, 24 april
malam tidur di hotel bersama family che pah
berjalan sekitar alor setar pada hari ahad bersama family che pah, 25 april

the main agenda: clinical attachment

26 april- klinik pergigian telok wanjah

merupakan klinik pakar yg menempatkan 2org pakar iaitu
Dr. Noordin- pakar periodontik
dan seorg pakar orthodontic yg berkursus

berpeluang melihat minor surgery, episectomy yg dilakukan oleh dr. Noordin

27 april- klinik pergigian alor setar

klinik outpatient yg dijaga oleh dr. Azlina dan menempatkan seorang pakar restorative yg sedang cuti bersalin

berpeluang menyaksikan aktiviti tampalan, cabutan, scaling, MMR

28 april- klinik pergigian alor setar

dr. Asyikin memberi oral health education kpd ibu mengandung

berkunjung ke klinik statik sekolah rendah taman uda dan pasukan pergigian bergerak ditemani sister Hasenah

29 april- hospital sultanah bahiyah

klinik pakar paedodontic dan OMF (my favourite)

malangnya di paedo tiada pesakit

OMF byk yg diperhatikan n one word to describe it- BEST!!!!


on 28, ada ular dlm bilik kitorg ok...
sgt menakutkan

sgt best, sgt menarik, sgt gembira

all of the dental team are very warm and gentle....
kalau rating dari 1-10, i'll give them all 10...

seriously, ada sense of belonging la :)

so, kena study leklok la pasni k....