Friday, October 7, 2011

please, make it clear!

have you ever been in the situation where you are meant to express something
but then it appears to be understood as something else
and you are not been given any opportunity to explain yourself from the situation
and you are being marked as something that are so unpleasant
and to make thing worst
it is keeping on being mention as if you had already dead without them thinking of how would you feel on that repetition

it was and is the word to describe things
that had happen to tear us apart
it is and was the word that worth tears
that had happen with a misunderstanding

when i used to be confident
you said that i am cocky
when i am being humble
you said that people will loose their confident in me

one thing that i want right now is
for you to tell me what should i do
in order to meet your expectation
and not hurting myself again and again

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