Monday, November 7, 2011

what does it means to you?

i can't really remember when was the exact time for me to feel the awkwardness
if i not mistaken
it was back then when i was in form one
which already near a decade then
ever since that
hari raya was never feel the same
i think it was far worst than what had happen back then when i was in standard three
maybe i was too less wit to understand things
maybe i was too young to feel the stress
or maybe that i was too ego
it was never feel the same since that year
lots of things had happen
and my lil bro had mention that he's feeling the same way as i am
for us
hari raya was just another day to pass by
(am using was with a hope that it will be better)

ever since that
i can say that
this very hari raya was among the best raya
don't ask me why
cause it just did :)
and hope next time it'll be better

tq Allah for a great eid :)

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