Saturday, September 22, 2012

and i hope that...

entah kenapa atau bagaimana
tiba-tiba saja beberapa hari yang lepas gigi itu menjadi sakit
ambil ponstan pun masih tak mampu nak melegakan kesakitan
membuatkan diri sendiri menjadi stress
lalu pergilah sebagai walk-in
mengharap untuk dilakukan apa-apa
or at least
a prescription

it is sad to see how things happen
i was there complaining of pain
as i am supposed to know what should be asked from patients
i as a patient give quite a good history to the attending practitioner

what makes me feel horribly sad is that the conclusion that was made by the attending practitioner
- i cannot sleep not because of the pain, but because i was remembering so called bf (and i think i myself should know if i had any)
- i cannot took pain meds stronger than PCM (so i was wondering why on earth someone in this world keep on improving the drugs)
- i was told not to give any respond when the practitioner examine me.. but the funniest thing is when i don't respond, the practitioner said' "ha, kan tak ada yang sakit"
and there are much more to be written on my dissatisfaction towards that

i still remember back then one of the lecturer said
"to let your patient leave with pain is to fail as a doctor"
and  yes
as a patient to that person
i feel that the person is failing me

apa-apa je la kan
and i hope that none of us will be that kind of doctor
what a joke
and what a shame

dan yang paling penting
tolong la fikir pasal dosa and pahala
tak rasa berdosa ke biarkan patient balik
and membuatkan mereka susah nak beribadah sebab kena bear the pain

lu fikir la sendiri....

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