Saturday, November 10, 2012


semalam tengok cerita kat klcc
apparently there were some significant points that happen to be occurred in my life few years back
and if that so called friend of mine is reading this (and you know who you are)
trust me
that is the last word that a girl wanted to hear from any other living things in this entire world

and to another friend which the case happen to be relatively similar (and you know who you are)
trust me
you are really **** annoying for everything that happen back then before our 4th year
cakap tak serupa bikin

people will forget what you said
people will forget what you did
but people will never forget the way you make them feel
- Maya Angelou-

but thousands apology
i'm not that kind of person that easily forget
especially things that i consider significant in my life
and that includes insults

maybe i treat you just like others
maybe i do laugh and play with you
but for god sake
it doesn't mean that i forget

cerita semalam tu sangat membuatkan aku recall balik benda ni dengan hebatnya
amat berharap tidak akan berhadapan dengan situasi ini lagi pada masa-masa akan datang
towards certain extend
it seems like you are unforgivable

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