Thursday, December 20, 2012


this week had been very super duper weird than the weeks before
the starting wasn't common
but i do not consider it as something uncommon as well

already in final year.. bla.. bla..
poor patient management.. bla.. bla..
lots of requirement to be finished.. bla.. bla..
do not meet expectation.. bla.. bla..
and all of sudden
riak (this issue was like i-beg-your-pardon's situation)

and then early in the morning
when i hope to see the sun that shines brightly without any stressor
there it goes my morning
to be reminded of those that killing me inside
to be reminded of how much the hatred was
come on
i mean like you seriously being that kind of person
are you kidding me?
where on earth that your sense of humanity goes?

i really understand the facts that it is happening
and i do understand that how much it will hurt
because of that
i don't need a reminder
just let it be the way it suppose to be
so the pain can resolve slowly leaving no scar

healing does take time
let the time heals

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