Saturday, January 19, 2013

satu perkara telah berakhir

Alhamdulillah ya Allah

at last
this thing has come to its end
rasa lega sangat-sangat

but i do feel a kind of frustration for things that happen
to whom
i don't want to mention because i did mention it somewhere else
don't want to mention it too because i also did mention it somewhere else

congratulations to all
menang atau kalah tak jadi hal
except when you really want to win that badly
the most important thing is that you guys have shown a very good effort and a wonderful job

thanks to all for making the seemingly impossible to become possible

p/s: please, next time don't make faces and don't laugh. no matter how stupid it sounded, at least show some respect to human being because that is human rights.

rasa macam nak jalan-jalan menjauh dari semua ni buat masa sekarang

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