Tuesday, November 26, 2013

heart broken

Disclaimer: If you are a peace lover, please leave this post instantly. Any emotional and mental damage following this post is not to be blamed on kucingred.

Heart broken
And all the negativity had been following me since past days
There is no exact single word that i can say to express what i've faced
I keep on thinking why thing happen the way it is
And it was so frustrating

After 5 years of struggle in my course
I have to admit that I am disappointed with my colleagues
I'm not saying all
But admit it
Truth is harsh

Yesterday when i met a patient
My heart was like exploding for what i've faced
During that 4 hours session i was having a mental breakdown of what some people that i know had done to their patient
That person is happily going to graduate this weekend
And leaving us back here with a total disaster to be cleaned
Trust me
This is so frustrating
This is not the first time
But i hope it will be the last one

I don't give you a damn if your patient is fussy or what so ever
Just try to put yourselves into their shoes
Would you like to be treated the same as what you have done?
You've learned and you knew
You are supposed to understand
But how could you do that to your patient?
How dare you?

Thanks to you
We are the one who should break the bad news to the patient

Thank you so much
For giving me opportunities to learn something new

I don't give a damn what are your grades
I don't give a damn how you could graduate
Use your knowledge wisely
I'm begging you

On the bright side,
We have been reminded on all the beautiful lies

Foot note: This isn't nice but I've warned you
Hand note: People are mean when we are desperate
Eye note: I don't mention any name. So, ........... (fill in the blank with suitable answer)

Last but not least
Thank you people for the birthday wishes and presents
I love you guys so much :)

And my former clinical partner
Selamat Pengantin Baru, Nusaibah dan Harith
Moga berkekalan hingga ke syurga

Happy Graduation Day, friends!

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