Monday, January 4, 2010

ingatkan selama ni aku tak kisah


i know this person
just a little bit
just a basic thing for making friend with him
just knowing the name, the face, the class
i guess i never talk with him ever
i even don't have an idea about his voice
i also don't have an idea what is his style of messaging others

i don't know why
one day we had a fight
he 'said' something that all the girls and women in the entire world couldn't accept
and i was like WTF
and obviously, i was hurt deeply

he said sorry...
major sorry
and i forgiven him actually
-btw we haven't meet for a long time k

again with but...haha

few days ago
i saw his fb
i was like OMG mintak2 la dia xjumpa fb aku-and what a stupid wish i had

mesti la dia jumpa
kata sama sekolah
aduhai, adoyai

at first, i just like hoping him not to find my fb
but then when i looked at his picture again and again (bese la, kan kt tepi tu ada friend suggestion sbb ada mutual friend)
i am hurt again and again
wahahahahahaha macam la aku putus cinta dengan dia

i thought all this while i don't care
but actually deep inside my heart i do wish i will not find him ever
cause it hurt me a lot
yes i do forgive him
and it seems that i cannot forget.......................... (not forgetting him but forgetting what he had done k)

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