Monday, March 15, 2010

'bosan' okay!!!

aku bosan dengan sikapmu
aku rasa buang masa

this is totally what do i think of that person in this particular time

i'm so sick of this person's attitude
let me tell you a story

let say if one friend of yours asking you to help in what so ever thing
even sometimes small small things la
you are trying as hard as you can to help your friend
no matter you are sleepy, you are sick etc etc

by the time you needed your friend's help
let say
the friend says to you "you can do it on your own" or "i am busy doing something else"
or the friend might also says "benda kecik pun nak tanya orang ke?"

and one time during your very busy time to hear all those from your friend
it's not that you don't want to help but it just there are several more important to do things to be done
you didn't help your friend
and you asked for an apology
but..your friend seems to take it to the heart
rebel to show that your action is hurting which is actually that particular thing is what your friend had done to you before

and at that time you were like what the????????????

let say this happen to you...
what will you do????

i'm not a good person, so don't expect me to act as if i'm an angel
i'm not a too bad person so don't turn me to it

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