Saturday, May 15, 2010

put the blame on who?

recently i read lots of writes on how bad treated medical doctors are in government hospitals
i also read on how dissatisfied people in our country on polices

when hospital staffs being rude to doctors
there must be some reasons for that
the doctors need to accept their mistakes
and the staffs should give advices

when citizen dissatisfy polices
there must be some reasons for that
the polices should to listen the critics
and people out there should be thankful of their existence

we need each others
that is the concept

doctors keep on complaining they are bad treated
citizens always dissatisfy polices

hospital staffs quit
polices just stay at home watching tv etc

nobody helping doctors
nobody protecting us

stop blaming others
reflect ourselves
things always happen for reasons

put the blame on ourselves
that would be better :)

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