Saturday, May 22, 2010

belief or truth???

it was not long ago
i studied and took PMR at smkaks
which then
i studied and sat for SPM at integomb
which then brought me here, usim

during my fourth and fifth former
i believed that i kind of dislike biology- with a few exception
and also believed that am not going to discover more on biology
in fact i believed that biology and i are not meant for each other

when i first entered tamhidi pergigian usim
still am disliking biology
but after sometimes
i learn how to like something that i used to disliked
but the like component is not that much
not enough to make me feels like taking another deep part of biology- as what i believed

when a friend of mine said that i will enter faculty of dentistry
there were combination of feelings
but then when i got the offer letter
it was like am i dreaming??

i never ever, not even once thought that i will learn to become a dentist
but it's okay with me
just go with the flow i guess
but never know that a dental student must
carve waxes
make out dentures etc

hardship and pain i have to endure
but to be honest
dejection sometimes do conquer my heart
having myself emotionally unstable is pain
but unable to help my friends whom are in pain is doubling my pain

going to third year in next semester, is the truth
and i believe that upcoming semesters will be better- with Allah's willing

may all 27 of us will be graduating on the same time

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