Sunday, July 3, 2011

what people say's not always true

back then during my school time
they always said that when you enter university
there's no way you could find real friends like you have in school
orang hanya akan kawan dengan kita bila berkepentingan
and it's normal at least for once to be back-stabbed by someone that you called friend

but unfortunately
since i was in school
i've met some great backstabbers
some people that only befriended with others just to benefits him/herself
and some terrifying so called friends

and in university
i've met some great people
full of awesomeness
and they never failed to make us to feel like family

actually to both school and university
none of them decide where the better friends are
the people themselves decide who they wanted to be

to my friends @FOD USIM 08 to present and TOD 07/08
i am very thankful to meet such lovely and great friends like you guys
for the happiness that all of us share
for the sadness that everyone can feel
for the words of encouragement during failure
for the advises that always given
for the hands, eyes, ears, shoulders and everything when needed
for giving chances to everything
for having the sense of belonging
i would like to thank all of you like a million times :)
and sorry for everything too

to my friends SMKAKS and SBPIGbk
thank you for everything that makes me a new me

to all my friends (either FB, YM, real, imaginary, etc..)
thank you for being my friends
for each and everyone of you contribute for who i am
for giving me lots of experiences that make me become witter (part witter ni macam perasan kot)
apa-apa pun
thanks a lot
and sorry too for everything

setiap kebaikan kamu semua akan diberikan ganjaran oleh Allah

sayang kamu semua....

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