Thursday, January 12, 2012

jealousy- post berbaur emosi (ada rhythm la)

pada mereka yang sukakan ketenangan dan kedamaian
sila elakkan diri anda dari membaca post yang berunsur emosi ini

if you happen to read this
do understand that this is what is happening inside my brain
jangan pula baca pastu nak sentap sorang-sorang dalam hati

seriously kucingred
kau bajet gila ada orang nak baca ni

i'm in a so called condition of jealousy
and of course
it's all about my dental life

i feel so jealous of  my friends yang dah issue denture
as i never experience that before (okayh emosi gila di situ)

and feel jealous of them who are very successful in their exams
as well as in doing clinical things

sometimes i wonder
why can't i be as competent as they are
as good as they are
and as positive as they are

i just can't motivate myself
and i just can't solve the problems
making me stuck here and there
and wasting both patients' and my time

it just so pathetic

o Allah
i seek for Your forgiveness
and i asked You to guide me on the right path

i'm so tense :(

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