Monday, January 2, 2012

obsesi.. membiuskan kewarasan akalmu.. SERIOUSLY!

i've been writing on this quite a number i guess
but Malaysians keep on shocking me with this issue

it's OBSESSION everybody
*eyes pop out*


i don't know why but i see or meet lots of people with this kind of attitude in this country
"i'm taking A course which is better than your B course. because B course does not have bla..bla..bla.."
"i like this people not that one because that one is no good yada..yada..yada.."
so on and so forth

when you have these kind of obsessionS
you tend to discriminate and started to criticize the other party without the knowledge
but sadly you think you know the other party good enough that you can condemned them like your heart
which it will then reflect how lack of knowledge you are from giving that so called exchange of ideas
that it will then show how being idiotic you are for not seeing thing in a holistic view but being unequal

that's pathetic dear
that is PATHETIC
and i mean it

yang halal itu jelas
yang haram itu jelas
antara kedua-duanya adalah syubhah

jangan kerana obsesi
yang haram kamu halalkan
yang halal kamu haramkan

it's good for you to have your own stand
but do remember
no matter what we do
it's for the sake of Allah

apa yang kita lakukan semuanya untuk mencapai mardhatillah
barulah jiwa kita akan jadi tenang

jangan biarkan obsesi membiuskan kewarasan akalmu

it's not cool at all

Allahu `alam

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