Tuesday, July 3, 2012

random thought

looking back on random things that happen to not only me
but people that surrounds me
how life has changed
how people changed
how things become so complicated and unexplained

we, all of us
we wanted to stay young
when problem seems to be just a word
not a thing to care off
and everything is just another new things in life

being an adult is another story
not to mention all the responsibilities
but i guess it matters not this time
thing seems to be like this
being adult is putting the blame on others
that's what we are doing
never dare to admit the mistake
and keep on blaming others

laughs in a good day
smiles in a bad day
but tears and cries are everyday
don't think others were better
if you don't dare to walk in their shoes
you know them by name
but you don't really know what they have been through
then think

last Thursday level 12 was on fire
and pity me a cockroach climb my leg :(

all the best in examination for all
maa taufiq wan najah


  1. so u'r a good buddy to a cockroach. cool :D

    all the best u guys. bet u'all can't wait to enter the final stage of dentistry hell, rite? Hahaha!

    1. a big no no for cockroaches, i bet it was a male cockroach

      same goes to you, all the best