Friday, July 27, 2012

realistic or...

be realistic on setting goals and dreams
and keep on being optimist
don't aim things that can't be achieved by your laziness
or you'll just break your heart into pieces
and what even worst
you just make people around you freaking annoyed

it's not wrong for you to be idealistic
as long as you work hard for it
keep on being optimist
and you should know when to say i'm done with this
for at least when you stop
you know that your effort worth

don't try to be ideal if you keep on being pessimist
it's just so unrealistic
and unacceptable
don't bother to stress yourselves with the pressure you can't cope
and don't spread the pressure to others as they are all innocent

being real will be difficult if you are pessimist
they said no pain no gain
like it or hate it
reality is brutal

be optimist
as you'll find the strength
in every moves you made

be realistic
because this is not cartoon
it's gonna hurt when you fall

on top of all
we have Allah to be by our side
to keep on helping us
He knows
He knows us better than we know ourselves
He knows our capability
and that's why He's testing us

semoga dipermudahkan segalanya

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