Monday, October 6, 2014

Aku menulis bukan untuk dibaca
Aku menulis bukan untuk nama
Aku menulis bukan untuk sesiapa
Aku menulis untuk diri sendiri

-alter ego kucingred

It 's funny how things work
Sometimes you love it and some other time you hate it
Sometimes you dislike while the other time you fond it

It wasn't merely about living your dreams
It also means that you need to keep holding onto hopes, strengthen your faith and accept things that you needed instead what you want

It hurt me a lot to begin with
Trusting people you shouldn't
Ending up leaving you so much pain inside
A pain which is unbearable
That burst into tears, even when you just think of it

I have issues
You have issues
We all have issues in our life
But to be a bitch at your school or work because of your problems is just stupid
I am so sick of these people
Just go away
How I wish I can get rid of these people like clicking a delete button

I have been hurt so much for so many times that I even asking myself would I even know that I wouldn't be hurt again this time?
Could it be this person that I can trust, that wouldn't take me for granted or even using me for their own interest?
And everytime, I was wrong..

I'm still struggling to finish a book that I find interesting
Along the reading process I've learned that even when we think that we are nothing, sometimes we are something to someone's life..
We are going to compliment theirs in a way we never expected..

And life will always come with a question mark...

-alter ego

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