Thursday, April 16, 2015

defining things

Currently I am so busy defining each and every single thing that I encountered in life. Seems funny but there how things work for me. Little did I realize that I am somehow a little bit pending.. Pity me and people I surround...

I work in a very unique environment I presumed. Everyone, I mean literally everyone in my working environment really like to tell you a summary of you, yourselves. For instance, someone would just randomly said "kucingred, you are so ......" Well, you gotta fill in the blank with any words you would like to. This thing really made me ponder a lot of things.. I mean for real, even without this situation I tend to overthink, what more to add this very particular thing..

So, I currently trying so hard defining certain words that are lingering in my daily life. Well, defining things is not an easy task afterall..

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