Sunday, April 5, 2015

for you...

Alhamdulillah, segala puji bagi Allah atas segala nikmat selama aku masih bernafas di bumi ini..
Today I would like to write about people.. 

I've been blessed by nice people that surrounds me. Sometimes I feel so shy, embarrased because people keep on pouring their love, care and everything that they could give to me.. and I on the other hand, just keep on recieving things from these people..
Seriously, I've been blessed so much with their very existance..

I still remember, I was scold by a patient.. the patient ran amok in the clinic.. and I literally cried in front of the patient because of the incident.. and there my assistant, scolding the patient back for me.. telling him not to insult someone else's job.. my assistant was so nice towards me....

When I cried because I was so stressed and depressed, there were my colleagues (officers, assistants) lending their ears and keep on motivating me.. trying their very hard to ensure that I am fine and able to function like a normal me.. they were so nice..

There were times when I am having a very bad dysmenorrhea, lightheadedness and fever.. they were sending me to the hospital, clinic and get the medications for me.. they were great..

O Allah, I've been blessed by all these people that keep on showing their kindness, love and care for me..
I am touched by their kindness..

Ya Allah, 
Limpahkan rahmat dan kasih sayangMu pada mereka
Permudahkanlah urusan mereka
Dan semoga kami semua dapat berkumpul di syurgaMu

Sejujurnya, rasa tak layak..
Sangat-sangat terharu

Terima kasih semua
Atas kasih sayang kalian

Aku sayang kamu kerana Allah

Terima kasih kerana menerima aku seadanya
Dan terima kasih kerana menjadikan aku, aku yang sekarang

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