Tuesday, February 2, 2010

to be frank....

this post is dedicated especially for N (obviously not a real name)

to be frank,
i am really feeling holy annoyed to you

don't ask me why i do feel so
i just want to be HONEST
and not being hypocrite

to be frank,
i am feeling very much to curse you
it's true
and i am not lie to you

again don't ask me why i do want to do so
it's just for my SATISFACTION

i wanted you to know that:
- i am a good friend but a bad enemy.
- i am a hot-tempered person.
- i am really hate of hypocrisy.
- i am really hard to hate a person unless s/he keep on repeating the same mistakes after being told not to do so.

'kalau itulah yang lelaki kategorikan sebagai lembut, aku rela tak jadi lembut di mata lelaki sampai bila-bila ~او كما قالت '

if you think you are good,
well..think again...

sorry for the hatred

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