Friday, February 26, 2010

it remains

my heart full of hatred
it always so hurt till it can bleed easily
how i wish i can end this pain as soon as i can
how i wish it is so easy for me to escape
how i wish i've never been here
how i wish this place never exist in the first place

it is so hard
too much pain
a lot of hatred
full of bad memories
it's too much
my heart
my soul
my very own thought cannot bear this

i used to cry a lot during my not so good memories of life
it causes pain a lot in my life
and without me realizing it,
it changes my life as well

apart from all those suffer
the pain
the hatred
i found lots of memories that are too sweet to be forgotten

during kuliah session- either kultim(kuliah 3 minit), kuliah maghrib@subuh, tazkirah
during musolla session- hadith, fiqh, berzanji, tasauf
kitab discussion session- apa ertinya saya menganut islam, hadith 40, penawar bagi hati
kemahiran al-quran session- tarannum, qiraat, hafazan
reciting yasin, al-ma'thurat
makan dalam talam

all of this are not forgotten
how i wish to hear cikgu rosli's tazkirah
how i miss all those ustazs to elaborate all the books
how i hope to be reminded everyday like it used to be
and how i wish all of this will come true

the sadness comes with happiness
the pain comes with the cure
the hatred comes with love
the suffer comes with bliss
and the experience comes after all of this :)

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