Sunday, December 26, 2010

rage with all my heart

warning: this post may contain impolite words. to those who do not like cruelty, you are advised to leave this page a.s.a.p. tq!

i don't know when this kind of feelings start to develop
i am so sorry
i'm very sorry

i've tried with all my heart to forget what you have done to me
but i'm just a so stubborn and super ego 21 years old female
i cannot help myself to forget what had happen
i cannot help myself from hating you
it just cannot be helped!


don't ask me where did you go wrong
don't even dare to ask me what are your mistakes
because it just a lot
too long to be listed
and i am too tired to list it for you


i don't know what else to do
the feeling of love and friendship that surround us before already fade
not only fade i guess
it breaks
and causing me to suffer a lot of pain


i hope you will not do things that will cause me to hate you more
because it is difficult for me to hate people
and guess what
you are tough enough to make me hate you with all my heart
i appreciate your strength


for all the sadness from your words
for all the hatred from your actions
for all the negative feelings from what you have done
i forgive you
i am sorry
because along with my forgiveness
i cannot forget all those things
i keep on repeating it in my mind
i am not deleting your messages
so that i will keep on remember what you did and be more careful

am i being too cruel???

kucingred: no, it just a kind of self defense

to YOU!

so sorry i just hate you



  1. people said, forgive n forget...

    mmg payah kn...

  2. people also said

    it's easy to forgive but its hard to forget...