Monday, December 26, 2011


it was da bomb
it's good
and super duper awesome!

there was a time
when one of the sheikhs asked
whom between us had ever doing dakwah to the not yet muslims
and that not yet muslims then embraced islam
and several of them were raising their hand
and when the sheikh asked
whom ever afford to give donations of rm100000
i was petrified and stupefied
when several brothers and sisters were raising their hands
and not to mention
some were giving away their ring and gold chain (bukan gold chain ortho)

and i've been asking myself
did i ever contributed something to my religion?


ya Allah
if i cannot contribute something to my religion
at the very least
don't make me be the one who destroy it

asifni ya ghafur
asifni ya rahman
asifni ya rahim

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