Saturday, December 31, 2011


yesterday i went to klinik idzham dt pain on my leg
as usual the chief complain bla..bla..bla..
the consultation and finally it ends up with me paying rm14 for all the meds

there are 3 po meds which are
cap sodium diclofenac 50 mg tds
tab serratiopeptidase 5mg tds
tab chlorzoxazone 250mg + paracetamol 300mg bd

and a bottle of 'minyak sapu'
methyl salicylate 25% with methyl paraben 0.1% (which can be applied 3-4x daily - according to what is written on the label)
with a huge label of ANTI-PAIN

the po meds are relieving my tmj pain
but sadly
they don't work on my leg

sakit itu tanda Allah sayangkan kita

to farhana, nadia and zahrah
thanks for listening and sharing of thoughts yesterday
Allah will ease our way to Him

la dharar, wa la dhirar

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