Friday, April 13, 2012

syukur Alhamdulillah

recently lots of good things surround me
and of course
i being surrounded by great friends that spices up life


we were in the OMFS lecture yesterday morning
when i was realize and be grateful by the means of free from pain
i was diagnosed with one of the facial disorder
and i was then being prescribed CBZ
but i refused
and Alhamdulillah
without taking CBZ
the pain in somewhat bearable towards certain extend
but then occasionally i do take some sort of analgesic to (is control the suitable word?)
and of course
i am forbidden to caffeine thingy


endo molar practical was great
except for the block that is very prone to ledge
it was a little confusing though


we have been forming a group of 8 for (i prefer to call it as reflection session)
for which i've been build up the courage for such a long time
when one of the sisters said that this is the right platform for us to change
i think this is the time

if it's not me, who?
if it's not now, when?

ease our way, Allah


humanity does not discriminate
it crosses the land and water

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