Sunday, April 15, 2012

sakit hati!

what did you expect me to feel
my hand phone went missing in my own house when i was sleeping
doesn't that sound ridiculous and stupid and idiot
yet i was sleeping on the sofa
where the heaven my phone could be missing???
and yes
i damn sure that i had put it on the coffee table after calling my mum
and i was searching the phone for quite sometime early in the morning
and i decided to sit back, relax and sleep to cool myself down

several hours later
i found my phone
right on the spot where it went missing
with some applications is still open
and the battery is already reducing like a lot
(i just finished charging the phone before i called my mum)
and seriously
who the !$*!$^&!@($^!&$^(!^@#(@$ that being using my phone since right now it seems like nobody in the house

tolong la
boleh tak minta izin dulu kalau nak guna barang orang
memang pantang tok nenek aku orang yang guna barang orang tak minta izin ni
mak and ayah aku pun tak buka hand phone aku sesuka hati
and kau rasa kau superior to my parents to open my things without permission?
tolong la
habit yang kecil ni lama-lama boleh develop something huge and terrible
for god sake
i'm soooooooooooo irritated
perangai cam haram

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