Wednesday, August 25, 2010

oral condition.....(again??)


my mum told me that during my deciduous teeth years i have a sort of abnormality which is called as double teeth in which i don't know and don't even remember of their existence

during my permanent dentition years which is sekarang ni i have an extra mandibular incisor tooth which is supplement supernumerary (the shape is not cone btw)

and today

25th of august 2010

i just realize that
i have a rotated permanent maxillary left second premolar, 25
it was discovered accidentally in 3rd yr lecture hall
and the tooth is rotated 180 degree from its origin

learning things in dentistry make me discover sebahagian dr keindahan yg Allah cipta kt atas bumi ni
rasa bertuah coz dapat peluang to know our teeth better
rasa gembira coz dapat peluang utk tilik and belek the shapes, grooves and all the morphology of the teeth
rasa sangat kehebatanNya dapat menciptakan segala sesuatu tu dlm keadaan yg pelbagai n begitu indah

terima kasih ya Allah
krn beri saya peluang untuk terus bernafas

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