Saturday, August 7, 2010

hey hey.....

oh my god!!!

ok, i don't know where to start this thing

ruby (bukan nama sebenar) is a girl
she has lots of friends either girls, boys or even pink lady type of person
she is very outspoken
well, it's just her and she is not being hypocrite (does she??)

most of the time,
she believe in her instinct
but somehow
for build good rapport
she ignore it

she's hardly hate people
unless there is/are reason/s for her to do so
but unfortunately
when she begin to hate
there's no way for her to like the person again


macam mana ni???
how can i help her in this kind of situation???

hatred is like dental caries
it is irreversible
you just can prevent it from getting worse and remains that way
or it will aggressively become worse
or it just progress slowly to become worse
or the worst thing is it's going to cause deep pain and loss of something which is precious


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