Saturday, January 15, 2011

Allah knows

Allah knows better than anyone of us

He knows every tears that shed from your eyes
He knows every thoughts that's in your mind
He knows each and every single things that anyone else do not know

He knows how you can bear the suffer
so He testing you
He knows that you can smile in pain
so He put you in such situation
He knows how strong can you face the situation
so He takes people that you care

He doing things not for being unfair
not being bias
not being cruel

He did things because He knows
He knows you better than anyone else
He knows you better than you knowing you yourselves

He accepts you when everyone left
He loves you when everyone hate
He hears you when nobody's listen
He will never ever leave you alone even if you left Him

He knows everything
so, stop giving up..
you are merely a human being...

btw, it's ok to cry

tq Allah

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