Friday, January 28, 2011

here it comes the end of the weekdays of this week

this week is so full of drama

dramas people

spell it D-R-A-M-A-S



it was and still very tiring


after a seriously cramped, packed jammed examS

feels like dying

and guess what???

i am dying

for real people



all praises to Allah

He still give me the opportunity for me to change

for being a better me of course

the day after the incidence

it's my turn for prostho clinic

and my patient didn't come

i called her so many times

she didn't even picked her phone up

it was totally a mess!

luckily my supervisor gave her permission for me to call the other patient of mine

and Alhamdulillah

things were under control on that clinic session

thanx a lot to partner, faez

and for today paediatric clinic

all of us have no patient at all

due to several problem

but we got the permission from supervisor to get our teeth cleaned by our friend (but of course, i'm not getting my teeth to be scaled because i'm afraid and currently in a state of pain)

and tomorrow

we are going to pj for our-so-not-remember-time of community service

may Allah ease our way


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