Monday, January 31, 2011

mOnDaY... it's monday!

today is my turn for cons clinic
monday is always a hectic day for clinical session
it turn out this way because
we turn out very stress on monday (sebab semua orang malas nak pergi sekolah)
our supervisors turn out very stress on monday (cikgu pun malas nak pergi sekolah)
and patients tend to cancel their appointment last minute on monday (patient pun stress nak pergi sekolah kitorang)

monday is somehow very unsuitable day for clinical session

it happen again
my patient cancelled the appointment
but at least i know that this patient is a very compliance patient
unlike the previous one..
so, i called my other patientS
in case they can come on the spot (sort of emergency patient la ni)
but as i expected
none of them can make it

i was wandering on the 15th floor menara b mpaj
and suddenly dr. zurairah asked whether any of us doesn't have patient for today's clinic
a 31 yo male coming to the clinic and willing to be treated by students
what a relief, Alhamdulillah

and there starts another e&d part I for cons clinic
and this was my first time taking pa radiograph for my patient (i only took several bw's before-jakun giler kot)

as i like to talk a lot
i talk so many things with my patient
his wife is a nurse
and these are some points that we talked

P: adik ni lama lagi ke belajar? ke dah tahun akhir?
K: urrrmmm saya tahun 3, nak masuk tahun 4
P: belajar 4 tahun ek??
K: tak la, we all belajar 5 tahun
P: oooo.. kira tak lama dah la ni?
K: iAllah, kalau tak de masalah apa, tak lama lagi saya habis belajar...
P: nanti adik jadi dr. la kan?
K: a.. dr. gigi
P: amek course ni memang minat ek?
K: (alamak.. camne nak jawab ni???huk huk) aaaaa... urmmmm.. nak kata minat tu takde la sangat... it's more to ..............
tetibe, dr. pun datang..

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