Thursday, February 10, 2011

# 1

am a left-handed
use widely my right hand in clinics (LA, forceps, scaler, handpieces, etc)
teeth clenching during sleeping
like to write
am fussy kot
am lazy
don't like appointment with dentist (it kind of scary)
don't know how to cook
for the time being:
don't like to scale people's teeth
don't prefer denture works
don't like periodontology practical classes
don't like orthodontics wire bending
like oral and maxillo-facial surgery
interest in forensic dentistry
kind of fall in love with endodontics

tu je...

no picture provided sebab my mum tak kasi upload gambar ke internet (except for berkumpulan)

so people, peka k
jangan suka hati je nak post gambar orang kat internet
get the consent first k

lots of LoVe

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