Wednesday, February 2, 2011

oral pathology oral medicine

the exam was bitter
and i was thinking (when the lecturer starts to distribute the question booklets)
i was like "tak boleh ke belajar je takde exam"
exams are so tiring
but somehow there are some good things about exam
at the very least
you read the books and the notes if not all
you are discussing something beneficial with your friends
you don't waste your time by doing something which are so not giving you benefit at all

but seriously
it way too stress and sometimes
it becoming so unbearable
but that how life goes
need to face it though

i hope
before our third professional exams start
please tell us the result
it somehow help us a lot

looking forward to continue the endodontic treatment with dr
also looking forward to get my periodontal status checked
hopefully, everything are just fine

don't worry kucingred
iAllah everything will be okay

cis ko ni merapu je kucingred...



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