Tuesday, February 22, 2011

# 13

to whom it may concern

i don't know why you did that to me
frankly speaking
i never knew if i done you wrong
i never thought of something bad upon you
and i thought you are unique
i respected you a lot before this
after what had happen between us
i feel so sad
i never thought that you can do this to me
for the first time you did it
i still can stand myself from thinking something bad
when it come to the second time
i am shocked
and even i am hurt
i still telling myself not to hate you
and the third incidence really makes it inevitable
yes you!
the hatred is inevitable
i really wanted to know so badly why did you do this to me
where did i go wrong?
where did i do wrong?
you tell me
my respect to you also fade as these incidence happen
how i wish i never see you in the first place
how i wish that person was there in the first place
how i wish i didn't cry in the first place
how i wish i can bear the pain myself in the first place
so that the first incidence never happen in the first place
so that i still can show some respect to you
so that i am neutral with you
so that i am not hating you this much
i am sorry for hating you
i am merely a human being
i have feelings and emotions
and your actions are way too mean for a very-pampered-21-years-old-me
sorry again
how i wish i can forgive and forget things

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