Tuesday, February 8, 2011

esok first clinical posting to hospital ampang for general surgery

i am so super berdebar

takut la...

camne ni?????

satu lagi

kenapa gigi i like so painful after flossing??

did you guys feel it that way???

it is seriously causing me so unpleasant feeling

can i get my teeth extracted??? *gerammmmm*

rabbi sahhilna


  1. nape pa'a sakit time flos? saya x sakit pun. cume berdarah la sikit. maybe flos semangat sangat, so jadi ter-ganas sket. ngehngeh.

  2. jannah
    i went to a dentist
    and they suspect me to have some problem with the supporting structure of the teeth
    that's y it feels pain on flossing