Saturday, June 4, 2011

it's medicine and surgery...

just now
one of my classmates sent me a message about our next surgery and medicine posting in temerloh
it's going to be on fasting month right before we go back for our eid...

i've been forgetting all the DDx of the common presenting illness namely SOB bla..bla..bla..
especially for general surgery
the most horror thing ever (at least for me la)
it's really hard for me to list the differential Dx for surgery
the abdomen itself there's like berpuluh-puluh kot DDx


sharing is caring..

all of sudden
i remember the time during previous professional exam
to be specific it's clinical examination for general medicine

as usual..
went to the patient
introduce ourselves
getting permission from the patient
and start taking history

for clinical examination part
i was asked by the doctor to examine the lung expansion from the patient's back

K: uncle, saya nak check sikit boleh tak uncle?
P: boleh..boleh..
K: uncle pusing belakang.. kasi angkat uncle punya baju and kasi peluk ini bantal... (sambil i letak la bantal tu dalam dakapan patient tu)

after satisfied with the patient's condition
i put my hand on the patient's skin to perform the palpation procedure

K: okay uncle.. tarik nafas... (while me observing my hand)
dalam hati : eh.. patient ni punya lung tak expand.. takkanlah... (bingung seketika)
mata mula merayau ke sekeliling sanbil berfikir lagi...
memang la patient pakai nasal prong tapi takkan la tak expand langsung lung dia
i dah start cemas tahap karma la kan..

tanpa mengubah kedudukan tangan tadi.. once again..
K: uncle.. tarik nafas..
dalam hati: masih tiada lung expansion di situ... bagaimanakah???

doc melihat kebingungan lalu...
doc: tawhee uncle (okay i really don't know how to spell it neither what is the correct pronunciation of this word)
then i started seeing my hand's moving

kena la lengkapkan maneuver itu kan
and i moved my hand downward and asked the doc
K: saya kena cakap tawhee ke doc??
doc: ye lah..
and i apply new thing during examination.....

during examination of dental patient
never asked the patient to inhale or exhale
what we always ask
buka.. tutup.. buka.. tutup..
seronok juga...
especially for paed patients

nota biceps: need to read and re-everything on clinical examinations

nota triceps: everytime i think of prostho.. i feel stress

nota quadriceps: i still doing nothing for my elective..

nota-notaan: i'm bored, yet i'm lazy


  1. takutnye nk hadapi 3rd year....~

  2. have faith in Allah, believe in yourself and just go with the flow :)