Sunday, October 31, 2010


right now
to be specific
at this moment
i don't want to go for another treatment
and to be specific
dental treatment

tomorrow afternoon
i will finish the 5 day course of metronidazole a.k.a flagyl
and hopefully
there is no another course of antibiotics to be taken after this

the severe pain is reduced
and it's changing in its pattern
now, i'm just having an intermittent pain
and pain on biting
even the pain still annoys me a lot
yet it improves
not disturbing my sleep
not disturbing my study
not causing me to cry
not causing me difficulties during biting (even though it's still pain on biting, yet it's far much better than before lor..)

and that is one of the reason that causing me avoiding another treatment
i am afraid that treatment will cause me to feel another series of pain
which this is my greatest concern in seeing a dentist at the moment

i am grateful right now
even the pain killer still does not kill the pain
but the pain is reduced and can be tolerated by myself

i'm hoping that the next appointment is going to be in the next semester
can or not?
i don't want to experience pain during the exam week
it's too much disturbing

thank you Allah
for giving me the opportunity to feel the pain
that makes me being grateful for the state of well being and healthy

thank you Allah
for another experience
another day
another test

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