Thursday, October 28, 2010

trauma or phobia

recently i have been in dental surgery for some treatment
but apparently, i am having a kind of trauma and phobia right now

anywhere i go and everywhere i sit
my olfactory nerve telling me that i am in a dental surgery
and the experiences of swallowing that sodium hypochloride made my taste buds telling me that i am still swallowing that solution

and frankly speaking
this condition annoys me a lot
all this while i never ever like dental surgery (but i am hoping that this will not last forever la)
and i really mean it

for all the dentists that work really hard to save my 35
i would like to express my gratitude to you guys for doing so
for all that being concern towards my tooth and pain
thank you so much for helping and being so nice
for all the advices and supports
may Allah bless you for doing so

thank you Allah
for another experience
another story
another day

doakan phobia and trauma saya cepat hilang

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