Sunday, October 31, 2010


i might be mean to you
i might not nice to you
i might talking harsh words to you
i might not a good friend to you

before it's too late
before you cannot hear what i'm going to say
before i cannot say things that i wanted to
before we get separated

i would like to say

thank you for your existence
that shine up my life all this while

thank you for being by my side
along my happiness and sadness

thank you for your care
through difficulties and sickness

thank you for being my friend
for which it is irreplaceable

and i wanted you to know that

even it seems like i don't care
even it looks like i don't mind
even i didn't be a good listener
even i didn't give you a shoulder to cry on
even i didn't able to wipe your tears
even i didn't manage to make you smile

do know that i'm very poor in expressing my feelings

and i want to say this three words to you (but i am shy)

i love you


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