Saturday, March 19, 2011

another side of me

it's been a while for me not to feel these kind of feelings
then it comes again

i do think that i am mentally distress without me noticing it
and i think that i am facing the psychogenic pain

and at this moment
i don't know which is which
which i don't understand of my own feelings

all the symptoms suit several differential diagnoses
which then making it to be so unpleasant

at the mean time
i hope that it won't be something that too serious
let it be something which is common and less side effects

i don't want to take numbers of medications
i don't want to undergo complex treatment procedures
i just want to be okay

i hope these feelings fade as time goes by

permudahkan segala urusan
tunjukkan kami jalan yang benar
bimbinglah kami ke jalan yang Kau redhai


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