Monday, March 28, 2011

mom and dad

for all the kindness
for all the soothing words
for all feelings that you've shown
i really thank you a lot

for being rebellious
for being choosy
for demanding things
i really am sorry

i just sometimes an ego child
who didn't admit of doing mistakes
i just sometimes a miss-who-knows-everything
pretending to know everything in this world
i just sometimes a perfectionist
just to appear perfect in front of you

in fact
for real
i'm still a daughter
who wanted to be care of
i'm still a human
who cry when i burst into emotions
i'm still me
no matter how difficult i am

thank you for your existence
for bringing me to this world
thank you for your guidance
for showing me choices in life
thank you
for every single things
which will take a long list to be listed
thank you

for all the mistakes that i've done
please forgive me
i'm merely a human being
whom are not perfect

ya Allah
ampunilah dosaku
serta dosa kedua ibu bapaku
dan Kau kasihanilah mereka
sebagaimana mereka mengasihiku
sewaktu kecil


perkenankan ya Allah

mom and dad
i love you

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