Tuesday, June 15, 2010

do you see it that way?

this is a true story
it is a story of a friend to a friend of mine
let's just call her mya

mya has lot of friends
some were best buddies
some were just friends
as normal people out there

mya does thinks that she had several mental disorder
she is a person whom easily cried over small things
she sometimes cries abruptly with no reasons
she is just a soooooo complicated teenager

mya sometimes does go berserk
she is a hot-tempered person
easily got anger and ran amok
she is just sooooo unpredictable

due to this mood swings and attitude changes
she thought that she suffers from a mental disorder

differ from what she always thought of herself
her mother, father, siblings, teachers and friends believe that she is a good
good in term of study
can manage her life well
easy to say
they all see her totally differ from what she sees herself

she really wanted to ask but she couldn't
yet she's yelling inside her heart and really want to know
if you see it that way
she hopes that is for real
knowing that her beloved family and friends trusted her
it's doubling her strength to face the reality

this is just a story
story of a friend to a friend of mine

have you ever see it that way???

t.h.i.n.k n t.e.l.l


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