Thursday, June 24, 2010


i am a coward
right now i'm just trying hardly to run away from the situation
i cannot face the reality
i am depress

i wanna cry, but i can't
i wanna scream, but i can't
i want to express the hatred, but i can't
i want to be honest, but i can't

i hate hypocrisy
but i guess i am a hypocrite
hypocritical as if i really don't care
i hate myself for being such person

as i can't be honest
i hope i can go far away
hoping that sorrows and dejections fail to find me
leave me alone
don't bother my life
leaving me smile happily
inside out

you can lie others but not yourself
the pain, sorrows, dejections and hatred you keep inside
will always be there
even if the wounds heal
the scars will always remind you of the pain

sometimes if you are hurt by others
silence is the best thing to do
if you afraid you might hurt others
just shut your mouth and let you yourself face the pain alone
pray so that it is the best for you

by the way
i'm a coward
that is why i'm expressing my emotion here

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