Sunday, July 25, 2010

long time dear...special post to besties integomb

ya Allah....
it's like for years saya tak jumpa my best buddies kat integomb dulu
especially nab, farid and nisa
and thanks to You, for giving us an opportunity untuk berjumpa on last friday (only farid, nisa and me w/o nab)

seriously it was fun
lots of stories, memories and things yang kita share

faridah is a dental student in egypt and nisa is a civil engineering student in utp
nisa sebenarnya dulu nak amek dentistry and me was actually nak amek engine but it ends up she's taking engine while me taking dentistry :) and farid mmg nak amek dentistry sejak dr sekolah lagi :)
now, each one of us dah ada dalam path masing-masing and i hope all of us akan berjaya :)

we've already lost contact dgn nab ever since dia habis matrik...but recently we've found out yg dia ada kt mmu amek law... also pray the best for her...

to nisa, farid and nab...
love you guys so much.. still remember doing all those stupid things during zaman sekolah..enjoy our outing together and all those and miss u guys so much

may our friendship remains and semoga persahabatan kita diredhaiNya...


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