Friday, July 16, 2010

goodbye dear

it's almost 15 years you are with me
almost 15 years you never leave me
all the happiness and all the tears we've face together
thank you for every happiness you gave me
thank you for the pain that you caused
thank you for the tears when i cannot bear
thank you for holding on until the very end
for not taking good care of you, i'm so sorry
for the pain that i caused you to feel, totally sorry
for the pain you caused me to feel, at least i know that i still have you
for crying because of you, i realize that you are there
thank you for everything
and goodbye dear

permanent mandibular right first molar, 46

i'm gonna miss you

thanks again for holding on until the very end...



  1. pa'a bakpo mu keno cabut first molar? if you dont mind me asking..

  2. long story farid dearie...
    t blek malaysia kite story2 k..
    so complicated if nak cite kt sini...
    remind me k utk story this thing :)