Saturday, November 20, 2010

i just want to write...

it's already two and a half years
and to be specific
it's already five semesters i've spent my time studying here i suppose

five semesters
not too long to make me feel that i am old enough at the moment
yet not too short that i've created lots of things and experienced tonnes of memories including the bad one and not to mention the good one

i still remember the first time i got the offer letter to fod
making me feel like i was dreaming
spell it D.E.N.T.I.S.T.R.Y
it was and still i suppose
something rare
it's not like rare in term of awkward or bizarre
it just a little bit deviate from the normal curve
that's it
making it become quite a lot differ and special i guess

during the orientation week
i'm telling the truth that i dislike biology
i still remember one of the trainee lecturer asked
"if you don't like biology, then why you choose dentistry as your first choice?"
and the reason for me choosing this faculty in the first place is still the same
and that particular trainee lecturer said
"if that's so, why don't......."
and me just stand still
and smile i guess hearing the trainee lecturer or the dentist saying that sentences
the next day
i'm going to the dentist, asking for a sign
a task for freshies
and the dentist asked
"you are the one who dislike biology, don't you?"- asking me confidently
and me without hesitate just nodding my head
"introduce yourself" the dentist instructed me
and asked several questions
and before i go the dentist called me and said
"well, dentistry is not merely about biology. it's the combination of sciences and you'll find it is an interesting field to be explored"


2 b continued

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