Saturday, April 9, 2011

minggu study

it wasn't like previous study weeks
i am now forbidden to drink coffee
how can i stay up in the middle of night without this sympathetic inducer thingy

i can only drink milk
but seriously
it doesn't keep me awake at night

still need to take erythromycin
but higher dose
need to complete the course

still need to swish and gargle with chlorhexidine
hate the taste
but still needed to be done

having nightmares
where all the teeth being extracted
reducing the sleep quality

become severely broke
need to use money wisely
before all can pay the debts

emotionally unstable
procrastination and laziness
sorrows and dejections

ya Allah
berikan saya kekuatan untuk berhadapan dengan hari-hari yang mendatang
permudahkan urusan saya


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