Sunday, April 17, 2011

they who never disappoints

thank you for everything that you poured into my life
for it never changes the kindness of your heart

for accepting me when others not
for the soothing words when i really need
for being by my side when others left
for hearing my cries when others ignored
for sitting silently and hearing all my whines
thank you for the attention
for it never been replaced by others
never do it changeable with anything

for giving me the best equipments to move on
for the inspirations that never fail to push me forward
thank you for all these things

for disappoints you whole lot times
for asking you something that are troublesome
for causing you to feel worry
for the actions that are stupid
i am sorry for doing so
i never knew that things that hurt me hurt you even more

thank you for everything
sorry for everything
i just want you to know how much i love you
i thank Allah for granting me such lovely and understanding person in my life
for they to stay with me
through thick and thin

may Allah bless you

i love you so much


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